About Us


Vmobile offers LOADING Dealership of Hundreds of Prepaid products via web and using one Mobile Phone. Like what our company's tag line: "We are the All access prepaid business"


- High Income Business Opportunity
What we sell is very consumable!

- Requires Very Low Capital

- Discounts on LOAD
- 14% discount on PREPAID PRODUCTS..

- Hundreds of Prepaid Products to sell
cellphone, online games, internet prepaid, cable, landline, vote cards and many more!

- Use only one sim to load!

- Sell Loads Via txt (SMS)

- Your very Own online Inventory system
No Need for the tedious CARD INVENTORY

- Personal website
which also serves as DEALERS' virtual office:
1. Monitor all your transactions online- on a real time basis.
2. Monitor detailed sales activities of all your retailers.
3. Download the latest Corporate updates, memos and package releases.
4. Download high impact, high quality presentation files
5. Send feedback and inquiries.

Seminar meeting available from monday to saturday from 6 to 7 pm at 1906 Galleria Corporate Center
EDSA cor. Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Complex, Quezon City

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